Session 137
February 8, 1993, Ocean Way Studions, Los Angeles, CA

Horace Silver, It's got to Be Funky
Horace Silver and the Silver-Brass Ensemble

Performers: Andy Bey, vocals;* Ron Stout, Oscar Brashear, Bob Summers, trumpet; Bob McChesney, Maurice Spears, trombone; Suzette Moriarty, French horn; Eddie Harries, Red Holloway, Branford Marsalis, sax; Horace Silver, piano; bob Maize, bass; Carl Burnett, drums

1. Funky Bunky (Horace Silver)
2. Dufus Rufus* (Horace Silver)
3. Lanceford Legacy (Horace Silver)
4. Hillbilly Bebopper* (Horace Silver)
5. Walk Around (Horace Silver)
6. It's Got to Be Funky* (Horace Silver)
7. Basically Blue (Horace Silver)
8. Song for My Father* (Horace Silver)
9. When You're in Love (Horace Silver)
10. Put Me in the Basement (Horace Silver)
11. Little Mama (Horace Silver)
12. Yo' Mama's Mambo (Horace Silver)