Session 135
June 10 and 11, 1991, Sage and Sound Studios, Hollywood Calif.

Horace Silver, Rockin' with Rachmaninoff
Horace Silver Octet

Performers: Rickey Woodard, Ralph Brown, tenor sax; Michael Mossman, trumpet; Andy Martin, Bob McChesney, trombone; Bob Maize, bass; Carl Burnett, drums; Horace Silver, piano; Andy Bey,* Dawn Burnett,† vocals

1. Satchmo's Song† (Horace Silver)
2. A Ballad for Hawk* (Horace Silver)
3. The Skunky Funky Blues* (Horace Silver)
4. Sunday Mornin' Prayer Meetin' (Horace Silver)
5. The Righteous Rumba* (Horace Silver)
6. Rockin' with Rachmaninoff*† (Horace Silver)