Session 126
November 2, 1979, Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

Horace Silver, Silver' n Strings Play the Music of the Spheres
Horace Silver Group

Performers: Tom Harrell, trumpet, Larry Schneider, tenor sax; Horace Silver, piano; Ron Carter, bass; Al Foster, drums; Gregory Hines, Brenda Alford, Chapman Roberts, Carol Lynn Maillard,** vocals

The Physical Sphere: The Soul and Its Progress throughout the Spheres
1. Self Portrait 1* (Horace Silver)
2. Self Portrait 2* (Horace Silver)
3. Portrait of the Aspiring Self* (Horace Silver)
The Mental Sphere, Conscious Mind: The Soul's Awareness of Character
1. The Soul (Character Analysis)*
2. Negative Patters on the Sub-Conscious (Horace Silver)
3. The Conscious and Its Desire for Change (Horace Silver)